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What Hijab colours fit your skin undertone?

What Hijab colours fit your skin undertone?

  • Muhammad Lutfi Anis Bin Hamdan

I’m sure you’ve all heard about colours that suit different skin undertones. But I’m sure for most of us, we just choose a hijab colour that we are feeling like for the day, to match our outfit and we’re done!  To be honest, this is too complicated a topic that I chose to feign ignorance about.  However, after researching more about this topic and seeing in real life the skin undertone playing out against different colours, I realised that using certain colours to suit your skin type really does matter. Using the right colours can bring life to your face and bring out the right tones in your face and using the wrong colours can instead dull your face. So here’s a guide to choosing the right hijab colours for your skin undertone. 

What Hijab Colours fit your skin undertone?

How to find out what skin undertone you are:


Put gold and silver cloth/jewellery against your skin. If your skin looks radiant against gold, you are warm. If your skin looks better against silver, you are cool.


If your veins look green, you are warm. If your veins look blue/purple, you are cool. If it’s difficult to tell what colour your veins are because you have a mixture of green and blue, you are neutral.



Figured out whether you’re warm or cool..or neutral…?

If you have a warm undertone, using colours within the warm colour spectrum of the colour wheel (red, orange, yellow), will greatly compliment your skin tone. If you have a cool undertone however, you should use colours on the opposite side of the spectrum (green, blue, purple). However, this doesn’t mean that you absolutely can’t use colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel for you skin undertone. Instead, there are go-to warm, cool and neutral colours for each skin undertone- how to know? This is where it gets a bit complicated but once you grasp the concept and make use of it, it gets easier to tell. Every colour has a different undertone to it- either warm or cool. A green colour, while naturally cool, could have a warm or cool undertone as seen below. (Left= Warm undertone; Right= Cool undertone)

It’s always much easier to compare two colours if its difficult to tell whether it has a warm or cool undertone from a stand-alone colour.


WARM Undertone

Your go-to warm colours: red, orange, yellow, gold

Your go-to cool colours: Warmer greens, blues and purples like eggplant purple, olive, deep turquoise

Your neutrals: dark brown, taupe, cream



COOL Undertone

Your go-to warm colours: Cooler reds like bright rose, ruby

Your go-to cool colours: Bright blues, emerald, lilac

Your go-to neutral colours: grey, pristine white


NEUTRAL Undertone

Your go-to warm colours: Dusty pink, light pink, true red

Your go-to cool colours: Jade green, lavender, navy

Your go-to neutral colours: taupe, grey, off white

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